Standard Deer Packages

Package A: 5 nights, 4 days; $1500 with $750 deposit

Package B: 4 nights, 3 days; $1200 with $600 deposit

Package C: 3 nights, 2 days; $,000 with $500 deposit


A bag limit of 1 male per permit costs $91 plus a $20 habitat stamp, three permit limit. Hunts booked prior to March 1 receive a 20% discount. See booking calendar for openings.

The Situation

The whitetail deer is one of the most sought after big game species in America. Populations of this species in the Midwestern region of the United States are at an all time high. The creation of edge effect through conversion by the farming industry of vast regions of prairie interspersed with woody draws to optimal “edge effect” characterized by row crows intermingled with timbered bottoms. Combining farming, the dust bowl era, widespread planting of wind breaks, and the soil and water conservation movement that produced ubiquitous farm ponds has resulted in an optimum mosaic of areas for feeding, escapement and hiding for whitetail deer. Accordingly, the whitetail deer has increased dramatically in numbers and range over the past half to three quarters of a century in the United States. Nowhere is the above-described scenario more evident than in the southeastern region of Nebraska.


The Seasons

Normally, bow season opens in mid September and runs to the end of the year except for closure during the 9-day rifle season. The peak of the fall rut occurs 6 to 8 weeks after opening or in late October to mid November. Rifle deer opens about the second weekend in November and runs for 9 days. The black powder season runs the entire month of December. Black powder season always open December 1st, Visitation of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission web site ( by late spring will verify actual opening dates of bow and rifle seasons. Nebraska offers a seasons choice tag that allows one to hunt with bow and fill the tag with black powder. During rifle season, a statewide buck tag also is available to non-residents. Because all antlered tags are normally filled by resident Nebraska deer hunters in the Big Blue hunting area only statewide buck tagsare available during rifle season. These are twice the cost of normal $209 non-resident tagss. Deer can be processed at the facility or taken to a nearby to process for sausage and jerky at Dan’s meat market and deli in nearby Table Rock, Nebraska.



The Setting

Hunters Hole, a premium hunting guide business, is located in Pawnee County, southeastern Nebraska. Based on bucks harvest per square mile, deer numbers and of recent the size of bucks harvested rank 11th and 2nd of 93 counties in Nebraska. Hunters Hole clients have exclusive access to several sections of prime deer habitat as described above.  So if you never hunted whitetail in Nebraska, the opportunity to do so is great and the probability of bagging a deer is equally as great. For those of you in the northeastern United States, imagine having an entire 80 to 160 acres or more of prime deer habitat available only to you alone or you and a hunting partner or two. In this setting, and over a 3 to 4-day period one can become familiar with deer movements and habits and not have these altered by other hunters. A half a dozen deer stands are in place for clients used.


In Summary

For those of you who have hunted wild turkey for years, you know the thrill and excitement of the experience, one that never grows old. For those An untapped resource, discounted standard and custom hunt packages with early bookings, quality undisturbed hunting, opportunity to hunt other species such as turkey, upland game, and waterfowl and the solace of the pace of a Midwestern hunt awaits clients. If considering hunting whitetail in autumn 2014-2015, I encourage you to strongly consider Hunters Hole for your whitetail deer hunting. Lodging and meals are components of hunt packages and quarters(see Rates section below) will accomodate up to 6-8 clients simultaneously. Our hunting philosophy is safety first, fun second, and a successful, productive hunt thirdly. You all come!

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