Standard Turkey Packages

Package A: 5 nights, 4 days; $1000 with $500 deposit

Package B: 4 nights, 3 days; $750 with $375 deposit

Package C: 3 nights, 2 days; $500 with $250 deposit


A bag limit of no more than 2 deer in combination, all nonresident permits (archery, rifle, and muzzleloader) cost $209 plus a $20 habitat stamp for the first permit. Hunts booked prior to June 1 receive a 20% discount. See booking calendar for openings.

The Situation

Merriam’s turkey historically were present in the plains states of the Midwest but were extirpated from Nebraska in 1915. However, in 1959 the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission commenced re-introductions of wild turkey into the State. Stock was comprised of both Merriam’s subspecies and the hybrid Merriam’s/Rio Grande stock. Populations became established and by the turn of the century, large winter flocks of 100 or more birds were not uncommon. Today, numbers remain high, and similarly, the probability of bagging a turkey in either spring or fall is very high and in the former season, multiple gobblers are obtainable. Rios made up 85-90 % of the wild turkey population. In spring, 2014, a 3 dozen spring turkey hunters in 6 parties from all over the country hunted out of Hunters Hole. Commencing in late March three parties of bow hunters bagged 5 gobblers. Shotgun seasons produced another 8 birds. Birds are abundant, but have become even more wiley and evasive than in previous (2007-2008) seasons. Fall and Spring hunting in 2014-15 should be excellent!


The Seasons

Spring wild turkey season in Nebraska generally opens in mid April and runs for 6 wks into late May. For season dates each year, go to the Nebraska Game and Parks web site. S2008, in southeast Nebraska, turkey populations have resulted in unlimited permit availability. One only needs to buy a tag so all are  assured of a hunting opportunity. The fall season permits combining upland game hunts with a turkey hunting opportunity. In the spring, one may bag up to three toms!



The Setting

Hunters Hole is a recently established (2006) Premier Hunting Guide Business that has access to several thousand acres of optimum wooded areas interspersed with croplands and pasture. The Hole is located in extreme southeast Nebraska (see web page map) in Lewiston, Pawnee County. It is owned an operated by John and Mary Rinne. John has hunted turkey for years in Arizona and more recently in his home state. He has bagged multiple birds in both spring and fall season. John grew up in Nebraska and hunted upland game and rabbits and squirrels for the past 50 years. Hunt packages and rates are included on the website, however, custom and combination (upland game/big game) hunts are available. Discounts for early bookings are a component of all offerings.


The Sensation

For those of you who have hunted wild turkey for years, you know the thrill and excitement of the experience, one that never grows old. For those of you who are novices or have never hunter this "wily, uncooperative big game species, but have always considered it,--enter the matrix! Come and experience waiting motionless, with mosquitoes or other insects buzzing you, often up to a half hour. Do so in the absence of creating even the slightest movement or noise except the artificial pleading mimics of a hen turkey emitted from you box or diaphragm call. Do this, while a boisterous, incessantly gobbling tom turkey both continually and raucously gobbles and rapidly-or slowly-approaches you. Remember, you are the hen who is to come to his bidding. Alternatively, he is silent, and comes in from an alternative direction of his first gobble, and appears as a ghost in the darkness as you make that movement you have long strived to avoid, or get up due to impatience to leave your quest, expose your futility.

Even deeper in the matrix, add two or perhaps three birds gobbling in cacophony that reaches such a heightened state, that you feel you will explode in you silence and motionlessness. A spring gobbler looking for a hen has hearing and sight capabilities beyond what we can imagine and is impregnated with the complete lack of curiosity for any motion or sound created by a hunter and will flee the scene immediately upon the detection of either. I once heard a turkey calling tape by two long time turkey hunters that made a bottom-line statement: "If an old tom turkey could smell, you would never bag one!" Indeed, spring wild turkey hunting is a thrilling and I would venture to say, a perhaps unequaled challenge in big game hunting.

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