Standard Upland Game Packages

Package A: 5 nights, 4 days; $750 with $375 deposit

Package B: 4 nights, 3 days; $500 with $250 deposit

Package C: 3 nights, 2 days; $250 with $125 deposit


Permits costs are $81 per season and $56 for a two day hunt, plus a $20 habitat stamp. Hunts booked prior to March 1 receive a 20% discount. See booking calendar for openings..

The Situation

Because of the interest of over four dozen clients in autumn 2007 in hunting wild birds, a pheasant augmentation and enhancement program was instituted in May 2008. In early May 108 hens and 12 roosters were stocked at multiple localities in an attempt to increase broods (see photos). On July 15, 270 13 week-old roosters were planted at many of the same locations on Hunters Hole lands to grow up and be in the wild for over half their lifetime by the opening of pheasant season on October 25th, 2008. Survival of these birds was expected to be highfor autumn 2009 and hunting was expected to be good to excellent in autumn 2009. Populations were up slightly in autumn 2009 based on mailcarrier surveys.\Then the winter of 2009-1010 dramatically reduced pheasant and other upland game species. In addition,. Further, call Nebraska Game and Parks and request your grouse tags. Prairie chickens are also very abundant on Hunters Hole lands and flocks of 2-3 dozen are not uncommon.



The Setting

Hunters Hole is situated in the southeastern part of Nebraska, in Lewiston, Pawnee County. There is sole access to almost 3,000 acres of hunting lands. The landscape is rolling hills with a mix of row crops and Conservation Reserve Program lands. It typically has had some of the best pheasant hunting in this region of the state. However, in 2007 numbers of pheasants were much reduced, perhaps maybe the lowest in 40 years of hunting these lands and bag limits were low. A combination of habitat change and loss and very high predator abundance appear to be the problem. Further, the harsh winter of 2009-2010 dramatically reduced the pheasant populations. Summer 2014 mailcarrier surveys (go to www.ngpc.com) indicate that pheasant numbers, based on observations of roadside broods are up 50%. However, bobwhtie quail are up from 2013 and the southeast of the state ranks first in quail numbers.


The Offer

Special discounts of up to 30% are being offered for bookings prior to mid September and 20% until the end of September. Plenty of openings are available for fall hunts. Guided and independent hunts are available. A Brittany spaniels is ever ready to pursue the wily roosters. In addition to the standard hunt packages custom, multi-hunt packages are available. Whitetail deer (see deer page) and turkey (turkey page) are very abundant. From last week of October to Mid November rifle season, one can bow hunt deer, pursue wild turkey (see turkey page) and hunt pheasant and quail. There are also 3 large (25 to 100 acre) lakes where the waterfowl hunter can hunt multiple duck species in October through December. I invite you to click on the client’s agreement in the upper right of the home page for hunt packages and rates. Also go to the Nebraska Game and Parks web site (www.ngpc.state.ne.us) for seasons, bag and possession limits, licenses and stamps, and other valuable information on Nebraska hunting.

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